Pan Fried Turnips with wilted Mustard Greens in a Fresh Green Sauce

The key to this recipe is that it uses the sweetness of the baby turnips to temper the sharp 'pepperiness 'of the mustard greens. Both of these are accented by a simple but delicious green herb sauce which just oozes sophistication.

Note that this recipe yields two servings and you can scale up the turnips and greens if you want to make more


For the green sauce:
  • One big handful parsley
  • One big handful basil
  • Two spring onions
  • One clove garlic
  • Zest and juice of one lemon
  • Olive oil to cover


You'll want to make your sauce first:

  1. Chop your parsley, spring onion and garlic finely and put into a small bowl.
  2. Next chop your basil taking care to do so with a sharp knife and a gentle hand as to not bruise the soft leaves, as this causes bitterness and will affect the vibrancy of your green sauce.
  3. Zest your lemon on a fine grater, then juice.
  4. Add everything together and give a glug of olive oil, enough to cover the herbs and no more. Stir everything together and set it to the side.

Next prepare the veg and mix: 

  1. Now slice your turnips into halves or quarters depending on their size.
  2. Adding a knob of butter (or olive oil if you prefer) to your hot pan, pan fry the turnips for a few minutes until golden brown.
  3. While the pan is still warm, add your mustard greens to the pan, and allow the heat of the pan to wilt the greens taking care not to over cook.
  4. Remove from the heat and add a little salt and two big spoonfuls of your green sauce, mixing through.
  5. Plate in a shallow bowl and accent with a few more dollops of fresh green sauce.

Enjoy your delicious meal, cooked using delicious organic vegetables. 

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